Prosthetic Hand Trade In
Turn in hackitus prosthesis you have for the one you want
There are gadgets which we continuously buy for a lifetime:
smartphones, TVs, vehicles, etc. and cyber hands for different occasions like wedding, job, sports, daily activities with family.
New generations of cyber hands are introduced, we want to renew the design, we want to go with higher functionality options and many other reasons for buying new cyber hands over time.

To make it more convenient and affordable for everyone, we invite hackitus users to have a 20%* discount for a new purchase once the previous hackitus cyber hand** is traded in.
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*20% of an official price for the hackitus gadget available on catalogues and product package by the date of next purchase

**any state of the used hackitus cyber hand is applicable, including working or non-working condition; any generation of hackitus cyber hands, including first versions.