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Best of technology and service from across the globe at your doorstep with the basic service cost. Help you save up to 50% of treatment cost from traditional going to local clinic process.

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How To Choose a Prosthetic Arm?
People with amputated limbs or congenital health conditions have a choice: live without a prosthesis, wear a cosmetic prosthesis, use a functional body-powered or bionic hand.
Our prostheses are suitable for people of all ages
User Stories
Mahendra Pitale
Every night I had a thought of getting back on my bullet and riding into the mountains of Khandala. One day I woke up and went to the workshop. I got my clutch, accelerator and brake shifted to the right hand side on my bike. It took me 2 weeks to perfect myself with the adjustments. I did fall, I bruised my knees, but I dusted it away. Then, there I was back in the streets of Mumbai, feeling the wind on my face, riding away from the city. I drove through Goa- Mumbai highway through the tunnel, bridges and hedges. There has been no turning back since. It gave me an instant boost , a peace, a feeling of satisfaction . I drove across the valley of lonavala and khandala. I never thought I would ride solo here again.

I was always more on the artistic side. I completed my major in arts and was going through life fine. But one day a regular train ride back home from work changed everything in a wink. In 2006 during a train bomb blast, I lost my left arm. I was clueless of what comes next. I started researching. And I found out that prosthetics were not that mainstream and the price was high. I got a mechanical hand for free with the cable system, but it was not comfortable as the cable restricted my movement. I avoided lifting objects and it wasn't even aesthetic.

Then I found out about myo electric hand. It was 7 lakh india rupee back then. Like they say when you wish for something the universe conspires to push you closer to it. After a program and interview with a media channel donations and calls started pouring in. 48 hours later I had the personal fund arranged. I had tried to get to this point for one year and suddenly the stars shined upon me and everything fell in place.

I’m part of an amputee support group where we grow, learn and share our experiences with each other. Whenever we see the news of someone having trouble with a trauma or an accident we reach out to them, visit them in the hospital. We take someone along with a similar case like theirs to provide moral support. We tell them this isn't the end but just the beginning of an adventure. I once went to visit a girl who had lost both of her hands. She hadn't spoken to a person for weeks. But she got curious as soon as she saw me with the prosthetic hand. She had so many questions! Suddenly, she was smiling! It was a really magical moment to see that frown of her turn into a big grin by the end of a conversation.

In a country like India there is no awareness about programs for disabled people. Disabled people are sidelined. Yes, they are shown sympathy. But many decide to even end their lives because of disability, difference and incapability.

But we are evolving, so is the technology. Everyday I travel back from work by train again. I meet new people. Some don't even spot my prosthesis until I highlight it to them. Without prosthesis people come and try to help you or show sympathy. But with the prosthesis I have the same ability as you to help myself and help others around me. I feel more independent, I do sports, I do archery and I participate in rifle shooting events. I can do so much more than what I thought I was capable of as a person.

I always say this to most amputees I meet “agar vigyaan ne itanee tarakkee kar lee hai to ham usaka laabh kyon na len? agar hum is ka istemaal karte hain, to kisi ki jarurat nahi hogi“ Without prosthesis someone will come to help you . But with prosthesis I don't need anyone's help I can do everything by myself.